About Us

History of the Foundation

Foundation of Our Lady of Divine Love Inc. “House of Joy” is a social concern and non-profit charitable home that administer shelter, care of the children who are underprivileged, broken, abandoned, and neglected, physically abused and indigent. Providing basic needs and education is the utmost area where the Foundation had given priority. The sisters of Our Lady of Divine Love Inc, were the umbrella organization of this House of Joy Residential Facility.

The congregation started their mission in the Philippines particularly in Cagayan de Oro City. Three fearless Divine Love sisters started to venture with the permission of Msgr. Jesus B. Tuquib, the Archbishop of Cagayan de Oro City. Their encounter and experience working with the people in the community had a greater impact for themselves. They saw children who are being neglected by their families due to poverty and ignorance. Innocent children left on their own because the parents had to look for their means of survival to feed their family. There are sick children who were not given medical attention simply because there was no enough money for their medication. Out of this experience, the Sisters were inspired to build a house for children and House of Joy has been established on year 2005.


The Foundation is committed to redeem and improve the quality of life of the girls who suffered from physical and emotional neglect giving them the venue to recognize God, developed their self esteem, become independent, acquire values and restore their relationship with their families.

It aims to provide opportunity and venue for the girls to promote their self-integrity, self- esteem and independence in such a way that they will become young ladies capable of making their own decisions and will integrate themselves back to their family with new outlook in life and into the society.


The Foundation of Our Lady of Divine Love envision to reintegrate back to their families girls with human dignities living and practicing Christian Values committed to promote life with strong FAITH and LOVE.

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