25 Simply Ways to Help an Orphan

February 4, 2019
  1. Participate in “7 Days of Nothing” and donate the money you save to help orphans. Encourage others to participate by sharing your experience on the Families for Orphans – Seven Days of Nothing Facebook Group page or emailing your story to us.
  2. Share your orphan story. If you have had a positive experience with adoption or helping orphans, share your story on our website.
  3. Consider adopting a child or becoming a foster care family.
  4. Join our Facebook Group and encourage others to join as well.
  5. Hold an “Orphan Awareness Night” in your home and show the Families for Orphans documentary, “Best Interest of the Child” and request donations.
  6. Donate airline miles to Families for Orphans to help defray travel costs for our project managers as they travel to arrange medical care or help for orphans. Email us to set this up.
  7. Arrange with Shoemart, Gaisano, Ayala, Jollibee, McDonalds, or another store to set up a table where you can encourage people to participate in “7 Days of Nothing.”
  8. Organize a special sports-related fundraiser, such as a “Hoops for Orphans” event where children get sponsors to donate a specific amount for every basket they make at the event.
  9. During the holiday season, request that those who traditionally give you gifts donate to help orphans instead.
  10. Instead of sending a gift to someone, donate the amount of the gift you would have given to help an orphan and inform them of the donation being made in their name.
  11. Organize a “Service Auction for Orphans,” asking family members and friends to donate a service to be auctioned off with proceeds going to help orphans.
  12. Organize a “Peso for Orphans” drive. Set a week where you ask everyone you come in contact with for Pesos 50 to help an orphan. Explain that most orphans live on less than that each day.
  13. Hold a “Birthday Party for an Orphan,” and invite your friends to come and each bring 20 Pesos to donate to help an orphan who has probably never had a birthday party.
  14. Contact local businesses, family members and friends to match your donation to help orphans.
  15. Organize a “Walk-a-thon for Orphans.”
  16. Do an “eBay Scavenger Hunt,” creating a list of items that could easily be sold on eBay and then asking neighbors and friends to donate items from a list. Then auction the items off on eBay and donate the money earned to support orphans.
  17. Encourage your school to conduct a “Dollars for Orphans” project where each child is invited to bring in Pesos10 to help an orphan. if you would like our help to match up a school with a specific orphanage or project, contact us for more details.
  18. Organize friends and family to do a “Car Wash for Orphans.”
  19. Ask your pastor if you can pass around a “Peso for Orphans” collection plate to gather donations from members of your congregation.
  20. Ask your church to sponsor an orphan or project.
  21. Contact your dentist, doctor, orthodontist, chiropractor or anyone you regularly pay for services, and ask if they will donate a portion of your payments to help an orphan.
  22. Email your friends and families the link to “Compelling Orphan Stories” so they will be motivated to help orphans as well.
  23. Put a link to familiessavingorphans.org on your business, family, or personal website and invite people to learn about the needs or orphans.
  24. Contact families you know who have adopted or taken in foster children, and send them a link to familiesfororphans.org. Invite them to share their stories with us.
  25. Dedicate a percentage of the profits of your business each month to Families for Orphans and advertise your support of this project.
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